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Cork Products
Cork: Wonder of Nature 3D Brand Plain Cork Sheets 3D Brand Rubberised Cork    Sheets
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Cork: Wonder of Nature

Space craft & cork seem an unlikely combination - but then cork is a remarkable material. From protecting space vehicles against intense heat to making automotive gaskets or life jackets, cork serves man in hundreds of ways. Its use goes back to the days of ancient Greeks & Romans. They used it, as we still do today, to make fishing floats, bottle stoppers & soles for shoes.

Now, centuries later, cork plays tremendously important part in modern industrial life, although we seldom realize just how extensively it is used.

Cork is, infact, the outer bark of the cork oak which is grown commercially in a narrow belt stretching through Portugal, Spain & the south of France, & along north African coast the bark is stripped only in summer, & the first tripping must wait until the tree is about twenty years old. Subsequent strappings takes place every nine or ten years.

Cork's usefulness to man is matched by it's ecological advantages. Not only does the cork oak regenerate itself after stripping but the bark is used almost without waste all trimmings & off-cuts produced during the manufacture of cork products are granulated & processed to make other useful materials.

The most important of these are agglomerate cork & composition cork, in both of which the cork granulates are bounded together under heat & pressure in agglomerate cork, the material natural resin acts as a binder, but for composition cork other binders or plasticisers are added to produce a range of materials with different properties.

The use of cork in automotive industry

The buoyancy of natural cork is used to good effect in petrol & oil level gauges, but the most important application of cork in the automotive industry is in cork rubber gaskets. Today, these are as essential as petrol or diesel fuel to the car & truck industry. The materials used combined the compressibility & resilience of cork with the high mechanical strength & dimensional stability or rubber, making them the best substances for such automotive applications as oil pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets & timing gear cover gaskets.

Another important application of cork & rubber is as a seal to retain percents in crank shaft bearings. When pressure is applying the air with in the cork cell is compressed, thus asserting a reverse pressure on the restraining faces. This is termed 'Fight Back' & is primary requirement in all good gasket materials.

Cork & rubber can be cut easily, & because it is strong & flexible, can be used for making gaskets with narrow flanges. A wide variety of formulations using different types of synthetic rubber & sizes of granulated cork, are available to meet the industries various requirements.

The use of cork in electrical industry
Special cork & rubber materials have been developed to prevent leakage of the vary searching cooling fluids used in modern electrical transformers. Similar materials are also widely used in switch gear circuit breakers, lightning arresters, & other transmission equipments, as well as in conduit fittings gear cases & cover plates washing machines.
3D Brand Plain Cork Sheets
Plain cork is a material composed by granulated cork mixed with synthetic resins or telegenic resins or polyurethane glue. In the manufacturing of some qualities there can be incorporated plastic material as to give a better flexibility & elasticity. The technical way to produce this material is to make a block form in 940 X 635 X 150 mm & being then splitted into sheets in any thickness since 1.00 mm.
This product can be used in several fields with very good results in many industries such as- 
  • Automobiles
  • Aeronautics
  • Ship Building
  • Building Construction
  • Textile
  • Electrical & Electronics

In the automobile, naval & aeronautics industries, the products is advised for engine gaskets & for the making of clutch plates for scooter & motorbikes.

In building construction industry as expansion joints, engine holder, INFRA- pavement, prevent noises & it's transmission.

In the textile, electrical & electronical industries, this product is mainly used in supports & in insulated elements.

Plain cork can also be used in manufacturing of a several range of handy craft & specialties such as.

  • Agglomerated Cork Stoppers
  • Agglomerated Cork Discs
  • Insole Shoes
  • Engine Gaskets
  • Building Construction Joints
  • Floating Pavements
  • Articrafts for the Textile Industry
  • Articrafts for the Optic Industry
  • Articrafts for the Electrical Industry Models
  • Supports for Several Industries
3D Brand Rubberised Cork Sheets
The cellular construction of cork, together with the inherent properties of rubber (natural & synthetic) present in "Rubber Cork" closely approaches the perfect gasket material. More than 50% of cork's volume is accounted for by air within the cork cells, hence compression does not produce lateral spread & the high strength of the cell walls ensures good recovery properties. The more flowing characteristics of rubber, it's ability to with stand high vaccums & the action of hot oils, are all desirable features of a good gasket material. All these properties are present in the range of rubber cork products manufactured by H.P. cork.

3D brand rubber cork is produce from top quality cork intimately bonded with a synthetic rubber, which may be the SBR, nitrile or neoprene types. This provides a material in which the natural compressibility of cork is combined with the resilience & mechanical strength of rubber. Adjusting the proportions, the degree of compressibility & flow characteristics can be controlled & combinations produced which are nearly as compressible as cork or almost as incompressible as rubber. Cork bonded with the synthetic rubber such as neoprene can be used amongst other purposes for crank case & inspection doors on diesel & gas engines & for valve covers sump & oil & water pumps on internal combustion engines. It is also used for electrical transformers, control gear, switch gear & cable boxes. The material is most used at sustained operating temperatures hot exceeding 120° C. Special materials make up with silicon may used in higher temperatures, depending on environment.

Realizing this, 3D exercises extreme care during every stage of manufacturing to guard the uniformity to the finished sheet; rigid manufacturing processes are set up & highly trained quality control constantly checks production conformance of those specifications. 3D, offers you a full range of rubber cork compositions, made of clean, selected ground cork, combined with nitrile & policloroprene binders - consistently uniform in quality & content. These similar grades range from soft to firm grade.

3D has unique production equipment which produces blocks. These blocks offer valuable reductions & greater yields for many users. This comes in 2 sizes 2'X3' (600mm X 900 mm) & 3' X 3' (900 mm X 900 mm) & the sheets can be splitted from thickness since 1 mm.

3-D Brand Anti-Vibration Cork Slabs
Most moving machinery vibrates. Besides creating unpleasant working conditions for employees, these vibrations can be transmitted to other equipment, or to the structure of the building itself, often causing intolerable stresses.

Specially prepared slabs of cork provide the cheapest, simplest & most efficient methods of isolating machines & controlling vibration, thereby improving working conditions, increasing the life expectancy of the machinery & eliminating any possibility of expensive structural damage. The method of preparing anti vibration cork slab is same the method of preparing plain cork sheets. In this the only one size is available 2'X3' (600mm X 900 mm) the most usable thicknesses are 25mm (1 inch) & 50mm (2 inch) block.

3D Brand Cork Granules
Cork granule is one of the most widely used forms of cork. It has numerous applications in various industries as a raw material for the making of plain cork sheets, rubberized cork sheets, anti vibration cork slab, cloth & brake lining parts, rubber moulded automobile & industrial gaskets, cork tiles, coasters etc.Cork is obtained naturally as bark & wood of cork tree, which is then processed in different ways to suit the applications.

We are having automatic German plant to pulverize the virgin cork wood & screen the different mesh sizes of cork granule. Then it is compressed in bales form. It can be available in bales or in plastic gunny bags.