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Cylinder Head Gaskets
A variety of cylinder head gaskets in several different types of construction are available, both asbestos containing & asbestos free. Each type of cylinder head gasket further incorporates special design features to meet the requirements of a particular application. A vast majority of cylinder head gasket comprise of a metallic substrate, plain or pegged, provided on both sides with a layer of soft material. Various soft material are used depending upon design requirement.
These include compressed fibre jointing sheet & beater addition jointing sheet both asbestos & asbestos - free, & expanded graphite. Additional features such as surface treatment, folded flanges & screen - printed profiles effect optimum sealing. Other types of cylinder head gaskets include metal - filler - metal layered, single layer metal & multi layer metal laminated cylinder head gasket. The metals usually specified are Tin plate sheet & stainless steel. These gaskets may feature corrugation, eyelets, soft material inserts & elastomer together with appropriate surface coatings.  
Exhaust & Intake Manifold Gaskets
In addition to the use of composite materials such as those for cylinder head gaskets, several other types of gaskets construction are available, these include compressed fibre material based gaskets with appropriate surface coating & metallic gaskets.
Flat Gaskets
H.P. Gaskets offers several flat gaskets, both asbestos containing & asbestos free, for a wide variety of applications the type of gasket material used depends upon operational stresses & design features, such as the medium to be sealed, operating temperatures, internal pressure, assembly conditions & the desired sealing quality. Wherever necessary, appropriate surface treatment & screen painted profiles provided to enhance sealability.
Moulded Gaskets
In some cases, efficient & economic sealing is achieved by the use of moulded gaskets. Synthetic elastomers with suitable fillers & agents are milled & moulded under controlled conditions using precission moulds. Moulded gaskets are particularly suitable for certain applications such as oil-pumps, valve & tappet covers & timing gear housings etc.
Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets

A spiral wound metallic gasket is a semi metallic gasket manufactured under the most rigid engineering specifications & quality control standards in the industry. It is most widely used for sealing high-pressure & high temperature fluids in raised-face, plain face & lapped joints.

It is made from alternating piles of performed V-shaped spring like metals. (generally called "hoop") & non metallic filler like an expanded graphite tape or A PTFE tape or a synthetic fiber tape, thus giving it ample compressibility. Standard configuration of the gasket has compression gauge ring at the inside or the outside or at both sides of the spiral wound component to achieve optimum compression without over stressing the bolts when flange faces are brought down to the gauge ring.

In spiral wound metallic gaskets the best quality stainless steel is used some of the grades are-304, 304L, 312, 316, 316L.

Filler materials—asbestos millboard, CAF jointing, PTFE, silicon paper, graphite etc.

It is mainly used on pipe flanges & the joints of machinery & equipment suitable for high-temperature & high pressure steam, LNG, liquefied nitrogen & liquefied hydrogen. In most cases, attachment of inner ring is highly recommended in addition to standard outer ring to avoid unusual gasket deformation. It is also used on pipe flanges & the joints of machinery & equipment. Suitable for highly corrosive fluids, Oxygen, Gases & vacuum which can not be sealed by other flat gaskets.