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H.P. Jointing Sheets
H.P. Jointing 2000 H.P. Jointing 2100 H.P. Jointing 2200 H.P. Jointing 2300
H.P. Jointing 2400 H.P. Jointing 2500 H.P. Jointing 2600 H.P. Jointing 3000
H.P. Jointing 4000 H.P. Jointing 1000    
Beater Addition Jointing Sheet
3D 6100 - Beater Addition Jointing Sheet 3D 6300 - Beater Addition Jointing Sheet
3D 6550 - Beater Addition Jointing Sheet 3D NA 2001 - Non Asbestos Beater Addition    Jointing Sheet
Cork Products
Cork: Wonder of Nature 3D Brand Plain Cork Sheets
3D Brand Rubberised Cork    Sheets 3-D Brand Anti-Vibration    Cork Slabs
3D Brand Cork Granules  
Cylinder Head Gaskets Exhaust & Intake Manifold Gaskets
Flat Gaskets Moulded Gaskets
Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets  
Asbestos Sealing Materials
Dust Free Asbestos Cloth Dusted Asbestos Cloth
Dusted Asbestos Tape Dusted Free Asbestos Tape
Dust Free Asbestos Braided Rope Dusted Asbestos Braided Rope
Twisted Asbestos Yarn Dust Free Twisted Asbestos Yarn
Asbestos Tape with Rubber  
Asbestos Millboard
Non Asbestos Sealing Materials
Texturized Fiberglass Cloth Texturized Fiberglass Cloth(Heat    Treatment)
Texturized Fiberglass Tape Fiberglass Braided Rope
Fiberglass Sleeving Texturied Fiberglass Yarn
Fiberglass Roving  
Ceramic Fiber
Ceramic Fiber Cloth Ceramic Fiber Tape
Ceramic Fiber Braid Rope Ceramic Fiber Yarn
Braided Packing
Pure PTFE Packing PTFE Packing with Lubricant
PTFE Fiber Packing PTFE Graphited Packing
PTFE Graphited Packing with Lubricant PTFE+Aramid Fiber Packing
PTFE/Graphite+ Aramid Fiber Packing PTFE/Graphite+PTFE Packing
Steelbestos Material
Steel Asbestos Material Power Bestos Material
Perforation Machine
Flexible Graphite Sheet & Rolls